Hanging Your Rituals Eucalyptus Branches

We wrote about the fantastic benefits of eucalyptus. Today, we will show you how to make your Sunday Rituals Eucalyptus Branches hang in your shower. 


  1. Gather the branches with the cut ends down.
  2. Clear the stems. Remove leaves from the bottom of each branch so that you have room to tie them together.
  3. Cut string or twine so that it’s approximately 24 inches long. Longer is better; too short, and it’ll be difficult to tie and hang on your showerhead.
  4. Wrap the string tightly around the stems. Tie the branches together, right under the leafy part, so that the bare stems are below the twine. You may want to wrap a rubber band around the stems to temporarily hold them together while you secure the string around them.
  5. Use  to attach your eucalyptus bouquet to the showerhead or another part of your shower. Make sure to tie it securely.
  6. Position the bouquet so that it is not directly under the water stream.
  7. Replace the bouquet every 3 weeks or until you no longer smell eucalyptus.

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