Vision Board: Visualize Your Goals

What is a vision board? It’s a visual representation for all of your goals. It’s keeps you accountable of this things you want to manifest for the year.

To be honest, I’ve always believed in vision boards but never really made one until now. I decide to create a digital vision board. I didn’t really feel like taking a bunch of magazines and cutting and pasting on a poster board. I needed something that fit within my life.

I used Notability and Pinterest to find the pictures and things that inspired me.

I focused on the big aspects of my life: personal, financial, education, and relationship.

One of the things on my vision boards has already happened and I’m really excited about it.

It’s not too late to create your own vision board whether that a physical copy or a digital one. I’ll show you a sneak peek one some of the things on my vision board. 

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